Gov’t wants churches to pray for stability

THE Government says while it strongly denies the allegation of a priest, praying for the coalition to stick together, it welcomes prayers from all church leaders.

In a statement, the Democratic Coalition Government for Advancement (DCGA) insists that at these critical times posed by the COVID- 19 pandemic, church leaders must pray for political stability.

The statement says with the record of accomplishment of keeping the country safe from the pandemic and keeping the economy afloat, DCGA welcomes prayers from all churches to continue to implement its redirection policies at these uncertain times.

The DCGA statement also revealed that it is a norm in the Office of the Prime Minister and Cabinet (OPMC) for all staff members to pray together with the Prime Minister.

“Before official work starts at 8:30am, staff members including the PM would converge in the conference room to pray,” the statement added.

The DCGA statement reiterated that praying is not new in OPMC, and one does not have to be a priest to pray.

The statement pointed out that DCGA believes in churches and their contribution to the social, economic and spiritual development, and this is testified in the annual church grants given to constituencies.

The Ministry of Traditional Governance, Peace and Ecclesiastical Affairs administer the church grants.

The statement highlighted that the DCGA sticks together because its members have faith in the leadership as well as the policies that the coalition stands for.

“The Members of Parliament in DCGA are resolute in their allegiance to remain with coalition and implement its policies,” the statement added.

The DCGA statement reiterated the call for media to exercise balanced reporting and assured media practitioners that the OPMC is open for journalists to seek answers to any queries.

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