CEMA to build commodity refinery mill at Noro

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COMMODITY Export Marketing Authority (CEMA) is planning to build a Refinery Factory and a new Buying Centre at Noro, Western Province.

The proposed developments are part of CEMA’s ongoing effort to reinvigorate CEMA’s operation as per the Cabinet decision earlier this month.

In an interview with Island Sun, Director of CEMA, Martin Housanau said Western Province and CEMA are in the second consultation phase to fast-track the development plans.

He said consultations are looking positive and it will be just a matter of two months for ground work to kick off at Noro.

“As you know our team was here earlier this year and the previous meeting was to inform Western Province Government (WPG) about the National government’s intention to re-establish Commodity Export Marketing Authority (CEMA).

“Also we briefed WPG with the proposed joint venture partnership for the province to decide.

“Now we brought the documents for the province to see and decide the type of joint venture business platform the province and CEMA going to sign.

“Furthermore, our visit today (Wednesday) is to incorporate the reinvigoration of CEMA in Western Province specifically the Noro Buying Centre,” Housanau said.

He said his team will return to Western Province around September to see if the province has decided on the type of joint venture it prefers.

Housanau said CEMA Board has a proposed joint-venture approach that would see both CEMA and Western Province benefit from the project.

“So here is the snapshot of our proposed joint-venture approach.

“CEMA will manage the Noro Buying Center while the Province and CEMA shared the benefit of the products coming out from the Commodity Refinery Mill.

“So, farmers will sell their products to CEMA and the raw products will be refined at the Refinery Mill, the products belong to CEMA and WPG,” he said.

Housanau said farmers who own a crushing mill can also sell their products to the Refinery Factory.

He explained that the Refinery Factory will accommodate cocoa, coconut and also kava.

Housanau said products coming out from the Refinery Mill will meet international market and this is a good news for WPG, CEMA and the government.