Gov’t: fuel prices down by $0.35 per litre

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The Ministry of Finance and Treasury has confirmed that the exemption measures (both 50 % import duty exemption and zero sales tax) have reduced the domestic price of fuel by $0.35 per litre, which has directly benefited the end users.

The Ministry revealed that import duty on fuel normally charge at $0.50 per litre and sales tax is $0.10 per litre.

“With the 50 % import duty exemption, this means that all domestic fuel price is now reduced by $0.25 per litre and with the zero-rate sales tax, all domestic fuel price should reduce by $0.10 cent per litre,” a statement from the Government says.

“Altogether, the policy provides a $0.35 per litre savings,” it added.

The current domestic price comparison on fuel in all pump stations should reflect with $0.35 per litre reduction:

Items without Exemption with Exemption (35 cents)

ITEMSWithout ExemptionWith Exemption (35cents)

Solomon Power also implements the tax relief measures through its monthly tariff adjustment and customers are expected to see changes when purchasing their bills.

Solomon Power Tariff Comparison

Customers without Exemption with Exemption:

CustomersWithout ExemptionWith Exemption

“The tax exemptions have minimum influence to the retail price but without the exemption business and individual consumers will experience more price burden under the current domestic price of fuel increase.

“Even though the government imposes these tax measures, the domestic prices is slightly increase as of 1st June 2022.

“This is due to number of factors affecting the price of fuel in the domestic market that are beyond the Government’s control.

“However, the tax reductions have cushioned the price increases but not reversed them.

“The tax measures will be on going for the 6 months and ended on December 2022.

“The Ministry finally wish to inform public that the international fuel price will continue to increase, but with the relief initiatives, any further increase in the international fuel price within the next 6 months will provide $0.35 per litre savings to all end users.”