IRD to recruit more staff

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INLAND Revenue Division (IRD) hopes to recruit about 238 staff in the next three years to boosts its tax collection work across the country.

This is part of Ministry of Finance and Treasury’s restructure programme to boost the resources in IRD and Customs.

IRD Commissioner Joseph Dokekana informed the Bills and Legislation Committee during the inquiry into the Tax Administration Bill on Monday that currently there is limited space to recruit more staff.

Dokekana said under the graduate programme, IRD should recruit 30 staff in the next three months with support from New Zealand aid.

Furthermore, Finance Permanent Secretary Mckini Dentana said the ministry is working with Public Service to address the issues and ensure efficiency and resource of IRD.

He said the proposal has been progress.

However, Dentana said IRD and Customs have been prioritised for the recruitment process this year.

“We have allocation for this year’s budget, to implement restructure and getting the officers and work with Public Service,” he added.

Chairman of House Committee Rick Hou has quested the sustainability of the graduate programme following experiences in other ministries where staff left after few years.

PS Dentana said why they go through the graduate programme is because there is no establishment of the positions in Public Service.

“We contract them within period of six months.

“If we can’t secure establishments in Pubolic Service, we will extend them for another six months,” he added.

Dentana said they are working with Public Service to absorb them in other positions and formalise a report to Public Service for formal appointment when funds secured.