Gov’t established monitoring framework on policy implementation

By Gary Hatigeva

PRIME Minister, Rick Hounipwela revealed that his government has established a new management and oversight framework that will ensure there is effective coordination and implementation into key priority areas within the SIDCCG policy statement, which was launched on Friday last week.

According to the Prime Minister, the framework involves the creation of a “Core Ministerial Coordinating Committee (CMCC), based in the Office of the Prime Minister and Cabinet (OPMC)”.

The Committee comprises of selected Ministers who will provide the needed political leadership in the implementation of the government development programme.

Prime Minister Hou in an official statement explained that this strategic approach will ensure the political government as it should, “taking the whelm and the needed commanding role in making sure its priority policies are implemented appropriately and timely”.

He added that all these will be done through government agencies and their quasi agencies that have been designated for the tasks.

This Committee will also play a supporting role to the Policy, Implementation, Monitoring and Evaluation Unit (PIMEU) also based in the Prime Minister’s office.

The PIMEU will provide the secretariat support to the Cluster Groups to ensure there is comprehensive, cohesive and coordination of sectoral and cross sectoral programme and objective activities.

The Prime Minister said his government together with the support of the coalition parties within the SIDCCG, is confident that under his leadership, the government will deliver against its policy objectives however, calls for the participation of stakeholders in the implementation process.

He said his government continues to value the involvement of its stakeholders in the translation of its statement of policy into policy translation strategy.

“Together as a team, we can bring change in the lives of all persons in the country,” the Prime Minister said.

The Policy Translation Strategy provides the detail activities that will be undertaken in the expected outcomes that would be achieved from the government’s policy statement.

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