Gov’t committed $12.6m for CT Scan construction

CT building where all CT activities will be undertaken, near completion.
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Government has committed $12.6millon towards the Computer Tomography (CT) scan project to foot the expenses under its budget allocation for 2021, says Ministry of Health and Medical Services.

Ministry of health in a statement yesterday said this sum was allocated to the CT scan project in response to the Parliamentary Health and Medical Services meeting discussion on the need to have $11 million to complete the project.

“The government had already committed $12.6 million to foot the expenses under its budget allocation to heath for 2021,” the ministry of health statement said.

The statement said in overseeing the management of the CT project the responsibility is now given to CT project steering Committee and with the Head of Radiology Department, National Referral Hospital, as the project manager.

The statement adds that the company contracted for the CT building component is Hatanga LTC whose duration is ending soon as work is completed.

“All these completed, will enable the commissioning of CT building and all the equipment and accessories for use. CT service opening is expected around November, 2021,” the health statement said.

The statement adds that there have been some delays and this is mainly due to the 2021 budget approval.

“Payment process only commenced after the budget was approved by parliament this year and health is following closely with the payment process.”