Government parliament extension plan secretly hatched: Survey.

National Parliament of Solomon Islands
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SOLOMON Islands Electoral Commission and Electoral Office have not carried out any awareness at all about the proposed extension of Parliament from four to five years.

A survey done by Transparency Solomon Islands found after investigated peoples’ opinions, perceptions, experiences, observations of public institutions whose functions includes the provision of education and awareness, and consultation.

In the survey, 53 percent of the respondents said SIEC in their view has not done any educational awareness about the importance of National General Election.

“During the four-year electoral cycle in the past and currently they do nothing, despite huge funds poured in by United Nations Development Programme year in and year out.

“In their view the current Commission is the most politicised,” survey found.

“It has not implemented the Electoral Act 2018.

“It should be reviewed for its performance and whether it is fit for the purposes,” survey found.

“Election after election, it is clear that the country needs a new Electoral System to minimise the undue influence of Constituency Development Fund (CDF), and other influences on National General Elections,” survey found.

Twenty five percent could not be bothered.

“They say the Commission needs commissioners that are strong enough to bring in the reforms needed for fair and transparent elections, Commissioners that will stand up to political interference, by any ruling government in carrying out its mandate.

“They would like to see that this Commission comes under the purview of the Solomon Islands National Parliament and not the Prime Minister,” they said.

TSI conducted the survey between March 16 to 1st April 2022.

The interviews were by phone, face to face and online reaching 1,248 respondents.

On Facebook group pages 930 respondents were reached. A total of 2,178 respondents participated in the survey.