Government clarifies involvement of Australia

The Solomon Islands Democratic Coalition for Change Government (SIDCCG) wishes to clarify the front page article of the Island Sun issue of Thursday July 19, 2018 entitled “Govt’s Decisive Steps on Drug Crisis” published in the Island Sun on Thursday.

A statement from the Government Communications Unit stated, “The article is not only misleading but manifestly erroneous and false.”

The Government wishes to clarify that contrary to Mr Sasako’s article, there was no Cabinet meeting held, Cabinet Paper nor a Cabinet decision on the involvement of the Government of Australia with the Ministry of Health and Medical Services nor on the possibility of a charter to bring in medical supplies.

“The Government at no point in time, stated or attributed the medical shortage to an error caused by or actions of the Government of Australia. The procurement of medical drugs and medical supplies was and is done in accordance with the procurement rules of the Solomon Islands Government including compliance with the Public Financial Management Act 2013.” The Statement further added.

The Government also wishes to refute the statement made by Sasako claiming the replacement of a Minister of the Crown.

The issue of medical shortage is a sensitive issue and journalists should practise responsible journalism during these times.


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