Dependency must stop

GOVERNMENT really needs to pull up its socks if it wants to get this country out of this mess of dependency.

We have a government that rely on aid, we have a nation and citizens that rely on government and the cycle continues.

People continue to blame government and politicians, government and politicians continue to blame the people.

When is this going to stop?

In this health crisis, it is really surprising to see how people rely heavily on government even for a basic medication.

We have private pharmacies in operation and yet we see people complain about not having Panadol or amoxicillin.

Why not go and see seek a private medical practitioner if you care so much for your health?

We make fun of government being aid dependent while we ourselves are aid dependent too.

We do not want to spend money.

We rather have free handout then even spend money for our health.

While it is the government’s responsibility to look after its people, we as human beings should also be responsible for our own wellbeing, our children’s wellbeing and our family’s wellbeing.

We need to take responsibility of our own lives too.

We cannot rely or expect other people or government for assistance all the time.

This cycle must be stopped and we as citizens of this country need to pull ourselves together as well.

Graduating from being a Least Developed Country (LDC) is not only about having good roads or bridges or house, it is mainly about us taking care of ourselves and trying to be less dependent on other people for help. It is time we as Solomon Islanders stand up for ourselves.

It is time we rise up and make our government accountable like we are doing now. It is time we choose our leaders wisely.

It is time we go back to our homes and try to do something good out of our own lives so that we do not turn up at our MP’s or wantok’s house early in the morning asking for money.

The ‘dependency’ syndrome must stop.

Stop blaming and pointing fingers and start looking at ourselves.

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