Wale holds talks in Auki on government parliament proposal.

MP for Aoke Langa Langa constituency and Leader of the Parliamentary Opposition, Hon Matthew Wale during his constituency consultation talk in Auki town yesterday.
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OPPOSITION leader and MP for Aoke LangaLanga constituency Matthew Wale conducted talks at Auki town on government’s proposal to defer next year’s national elections.

The talks were part of the DCGA Government’s move to seek views of their electorates on the proposed extension of the life of parliament from 4-5 years.

Wale shared his views on the proposed extension and implications it would mean on the constitution as a democratic sovereign nation like ours.

Wale urged people to be cautious with the proposal, pointing out whether the move is worthy enough to alter the constitution.

He said with there is a clear indication that there are hidden motives behind DCGA’s intention for the proposed extension of parliament life.

He also pointed out that his office is aware that DCGA has already agreed on the proposed extension of parliament last year.

Wale said DCGA has the number and the current constituency consultation is just to say that they seek peoples’ views and agree on the proposal.

“Whether the electorates agree or not on the proposal, if the MPs say people agree on it, that’s it,” Wale said.

He said MPs have been visiting their constituencies and people across the country seem not in support of the proposal.

“This is because people honor the constitution, stand for proper processes to amend the constitution and even aware of motives behind the proposal.

“But the issue now is whether government will listen to its people or not on this very important matter.”

Wale called on the people to pray and hope that government will listen to their concerns on the issue.