Goshen optimistic with Taro project in Malaita

Goshen Enterprise demonstration taro farm at Gwaigeo, Malaita.
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GOSHEN Enterprise Company is optimistic of a successful taro industry in Malaita province and the country.

Since the establishment of the company in 2019 under the Enhance Capacity for Agriculture Trade ECAT programme of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and External Trade (MFAET), Goshen is growing the industry locally.

Director of Goshen, Mr Levi Maesimae said they came into the programme to support food security and encourage taro-diet to reduce rates of Non-Communicable Diseases.

“Also to uphold taro as cultural root crops, conservation and preservation of taro and encourage farmers into commercial farming of taro.”

Maesimae said they have a vision to become the leading producer of fresh taro, frozen taro and taro products for farmers.

He said with that they are working towards achieving a slogan “taro on every body’s dinner plate”.

Maesimae said Goshen also has a goal and that is to “produce 60 tonnes of taros every year”. And by having the pack house, they hope to achieve that by producing 60 tonnes (three containers per year).

He said so far Goshen through the ECAT project under MFAET had provided trainings and distribution of basic farming tools to taro farmers in the province.

Maesimae said they also continue to distribute taro planting materials to farmers from their demo farm at Fiu, as they continue to build networks with associations in the province on the program.

He said Goshen is also looking forward to support farmers with logistic access whereby in the future they will buy taro products at the doorstep of farmers in the province.

Maesimae said Goshen Enterprise is partnership with MAL and MFAET on the taro program and so far the development of taro pack house at Adaliua is progressing.

He said their current taro market in Auki is slowly growing with steady demand for frozen taro and the beginning to expand the taro industry to international market.