Bednet distribution to north and east Malaita soon

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THE Provincial Vector Borne Disease Malaria office in Auki says they will soon begin distributing bed-nets (mosquito nets) to northern and eastern regions of the province.

Officer in-charge, Mr John Susubi told this paper they are currently waiting for the budget for distribution.

He said early this year they completed bed-net distribution to southern and central regions.

“Next is northern and eastern regions and then Malaita Outer Islands (MOIs).”

Susubi said a total of 19,253 bed-nets were distributed to 345 communities in southern region, and 50,757 bed-nets to 583 communities in central region.

He said the bed-net distribution is an integral program of the national vector borne as one mitigating measure to address malaria in the country, as a chronic disease.

Susubi urged communities to use the nets only for intended purpose; because another distribution could likely happen after the next three years.

Adding that this is based on the effectiveness of insecticide on the bed-nets that has a lifetime of three years.

He said the bed-nets can be washed up to 20 times, only with rain water, with no soap, cleaner and other washing detergents or even brushing it.

Susubi said, “recommended method to wash the bed-net is by soaking it with rain water, fold it into a plastic bag and sunbath it so that the net can sweat and regain the effectiveness of the insecticide for uses.”

He also warns that water used to soak and wash the nets must not be disposed off into waterways, because it is harmful to the environment.