Goshen announces work plan for Malaita

Goshen Enterprise demonstration taro farm at Gwaigeo, Malaita.
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GOSHEN Enterprise Ltd has announced its plan to work with taro farmers in Malaita Province.

The announcement was made during a ground breaking ceremony to commence work on a taro pack house at Adaliua, which is more than a hope for the program.

Director of Goshen Enterprise Ltd, Lewi Maesimae said Goshen will soon begin its work with taro farmers with equipment provided by Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MFAET) through EIF and ECAT program.

He said that as part of the taro program, farmers in Malaita have continued to be supported with trainings within the past two years.

Maesimae said MFAET also supported Goshen with $100, 000 taro grant money and distributed agriculture tools worth $99, 000 to taro farmers in both central and northern regions of the province.

He said along with that, MAFET provided Goshen with tiller machine and facilitated the procurement of tractor and ploughing machine.

Maesimae said with the machines provided especially the ploughing machine, Goshen plans to begin work with taro farmers within wards two, three, four and five in the province.

He said Goshen will consult farmers and schedule a working program to go from farmers to farmers assisting them by ploughing their land for taro planting.

Maesimae said the schedule is to ensure taro farmers get assisted by boosting their taro activity under the program for the province.

He said this is part of the taro program for Malaita province and it will begin with the first four wards and later roll-out to other wards.  

Maesimae also said that Goshen has started buying taro last year at $6 per kilogram and they continue at the moment as part of the taro project.

He said at the moment Goshen only does taro business locally and as the taro program grows and production entails export, they will prepare for international market.