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Council says it’s a big issue to tackle


HONIARA City Council (HCC) says managing wastes within the city is becoming a major challenge as the population continues to increase.

City Clerk Justus Denni admitted this a Japanese Embassy led tour to his office last week.

“HCC waste management has become a challenge for us but we are doing our best to tackle the issue,” Denni said.

He added despite the challenge, the council is now gearing up its preparing to make Honiara a clean city ahead of next year’s Pacific Games in Honiara.

“HCC is preparing to make Honiara clean during the games.

“Plans to properly manage waste collection is already in place but then again there are also huge challenges identified.

“But with the support of the National government HCC will be able to achieve its plans in keeping Honiara clean,” Denni said.

Japan is a major sponsor of the council’s waste management efforts.

Denni said HCC is looking at getting more garbage trucks to cater for the Pacific Games event, as well as to keep Honiara clean.

In terms of the landfill at Ranadi, Denni said it is now filled up and has no space to accommodate additional wastes.

“However, HCC has a concept to identify a new landfill site.

“We are working with Ministry of Environment, Climate Change, Disaster Management and Meteorology and Guadalcanal provincial government to secure a new site.

“We are also discussing evicting people illegally occupying land around the Ranadi landfill.”