EDITORIAL- Why not reduce or abolish the CDF?

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PRIME Manasseh Sogavare has promised to increase government funding for the Provincial Capacity Development Fund (PCDF).

He made the assurance in Tulagi, Central Province, Tuesday at the province’s Second Appointed Day.

Initiated in 2008 with donor support and an annual funding of $10.8 million, PCDF has since funded thousands of solid infrastructure projects across the country’s rural areas.

These include schools, clinics, market houses, community meeting space and others.

Sogavare told those who attended the Tulagi celebrations that his Government is going back to the drawing board to ensure the PCDF is more effective in-service delivery to address developmental issues faced by provincial governments.

He explained the PCDF funding will be increased in two stages – details of which will come out later.

This is welcome news and one the people of this country will look forward to seeing materialized.

Compared to the Constituency Development Fund (CDF), which is managed by MPs, the results PCDF had achieved was telling.

It is only logical that the Government increases funds for PCDF.

While it was encouraging to hear Sogavare talking about the PCDF, it was disappointing he made no mention of CDF.

It was not a surprise though!

The prime minister chose not to talk about CDF because it was a political slush fund that has been misused by most politicians, bringing very little or nothing in terms of rural development.

Solomon Islanders would have expected Sogavare announcing during such occasions that his Government would be diverting CDF funds to PCDF.

That would be the greatest news for the country.

As it is now, CDF will remain a curse to this nation and an absolute waste of public funds.

The nation looks forward to the day a prime minister will announce the abolition of the controversial CDF!