Gizo wrought by drought  


The water level on this Dam at Leoke just cannot improve the hundreds of people in Gizo Island.

THE dry weather in Gizo town, Western province, is putting residents there on the edge, it is reported.

People have resorted to small streams and boreholes, many of which are reportedly drying up.

Some residents who have been relying on stored tank water say their tanks are approaching bottomline, while others have already been used up.

A mother of four children tells the paper yesterday that water from streams are unsafe but they have no other option.

“I am very concern and fear over any outbreak that will affect our children and families.

“People were worried over the dry season and many have seen streams and water from bore holes started to dry up.

“There is real concern about how many will manage to drink fresh rain water during the coming months and we only buying drinking water from shops daily just for drinking purposes.”

She said residents are resting their hopes on the provincial and national authorities including non-government organisations which can help.

She stresses that if there is a time for these authorities to help, it is now.

She said the only water source her family uses is located at TC and Babylon area where all the residents from Jar mountain area, TC, Top hill and Babylon use the water source for washing, swimming and cooking.

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