Gizo stands still as lockdown enforced


GIZO town entered first day of the second lockdown since the covid-19 outbreak and the response has been good.

There was no movement in the town except essential services.

Cargo ships were seen unloading goods and material with little disturbance from the public.

Shops took the time to restock goods and fill their empty shelves ready for business when lockdown would be lifted tomorrow.

However, while the lockdown appears adhered to in the town, in the surrounding communities, people are reported to be moving about.

Police have set up a tent at the Corner shop and parts of Gizo to crack down unnecessary movements.

Island Sun Gizo was given exemption to move around during the lockdown and managed to capture Gizo town as it came into a standstill.

Gizo, Noro, Munda and Seghe is currently on lockdown after approval was granted on late Sunday evening.

Institutions providing essential services are exempted from the lockdown.

The lockdown will be lifted on Thursday 6am.

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