COVID transmission reversed


Secretary to Prime Minister Dr Jimmy Rodgers says the country actually reserve the trend of community transmission less than five weeks.

He highlighted this during a press conference at the Mendana conference room yesterday.

He said when the country discovered the first case in January 17, 2022 there were perception that health and the country would not be able to respond and that covid-19 transmission in Honiara would not slow down but increases.

“We did actually reverse the trend of community transmissions in less than five weeks and we did that. No country has done that,” he said.

“We reverse it within that period because we had a plan that works out and that was ready. If we are not ready more lives would be lost,” he said.

He confidently says that the country is ready and prepared in its fight against the deadly virus that is transmitting inside the country.

He clarifies this following report saying the health and the country was not ready to respond to the current community transmission.

“Let me just put it this way, if we did not have a response plan, we were not ready in two years ago. So, for those that say we are not prepared, we were prepared,” he said.

Rodgers acknowledges those from Health and every individual that have worked hard to serve this country.

“Please continue to do what you can do in serving this country in fighting against the community transmission,” Rodgers said.

But according to a source closely monitoring the data says that to justify the current trend by observing of no reported sickness at clinics, hospitals with no enough testing or swabbing is not good explanation.

The source said according to data reports from the Ministry of Health and Medical Services it is so slow. So, it is not really reverse.

The source says if they do test within 5 days confirmed by PCR testing with a compulsory PCR and RAT test it will justify the trend of community transmission is reversed.

“Only those who come forward is what they based on to say the trend of community transmission is reversed.

“If only OSC & MHMS build up the current laboratory test space to do more testing would be an ideal and more test can be done.

“From then the results coming out from there we can say we are able to reverse the transmission,” the source said.

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