Gizo prepares to host Crystal Serenity


WESTERN province is preparing to host the cruise liner Crystal Serenity in Gizo town, Premier Wayne Maepioh says.

Although Western province is facing challenges regarding border security, Mr Maepioh reassures that all preparations are bent on ensuring a safe and enjoyable time for the visiting tourists.

Maepioh said, “People of Western province are now ready to accommodate the full capacity the Crystal Serenity holds, and nothing will happen, they will enjoy their short stay in western province peacefully.”

He said they are aware that this is Crystal Serenity’s first visit to the province, and they will make sure that the tourists have the time of their lives by experiencing and enjoying what the province has to offer safely.

According to SIVB, this is Crystal Serenity’s first visit to the country and Honiara and Gizo are the pilot sites to host the liner and her passengers.

Crsytal Serenity departs Honiara today at 8pm for Gizo.

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