Auki Market a place to do your shopping



AUKI market is a place to do your shopping whenever in Auki.

The market located just within the heart of Auki town provides varieties of both local and foreign products with affordable sales.

The market building just as tidy as your home, surely won’t makes you hesitate to visit with its beautiful environment.

Vendors, mostly women from nearby Kwaio, Kwara’ae, within Langa Langa lagoon and even from the northern part of the island are those usually meet in the market.

All local products any can imagine were sold in the market and as well there are lock-shops one can buy foreign goods.

Order of market arrangement on tables in the market building starts with root crops, vegetables, cook food, handy craft including second hand clothes, fish markets just within a building.

Part of varieties of vegetable sales in Auki Market.

The fish market just on the edge of the building usually provides with all types of tuna and varieties of reef fish at very cheaper prices.

Thus, the right time of the day if you want to buy fish is during the afternoons when all fishermen mostly men within the lagoon arrive with their catches.

Towards the main entrance of the market building, located the betel nut market just within the same vicinity.

Betel-nut often sells at very affordable prices ranges from $1-2 dollars for betel-nut and leaf, even now a heap of four or five betel nuts sold only for $2 dollars.

Thus, if you familiar with the Honiara Central Market, there’s no difference to the setting of the building and varieties of goods sold except for very tidy and clean market environment Auki Market has.

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