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Giant African snail sighted in Fote

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Two villagers at Fote showing the African giant snails along Fote area.

THE dreaded Giant African snail, has been found in Fote, west Kwara’ae, Malaita province, it is reported.

This finding is unsettling for people of the province, more so for farmers. And they are calling on the national ministry of agriculture to help them get rid of the pest.

The deadly slug is believed to have been transported there aboard machineries from a logging operation in Fote.

Villagers say, “We are worried about the giant snail concerning our gardens and food crops that they will be destroyed by the dangerous snail.”

This finding is believed to be the first reported for Malaita province.

Villagers around Fote are reportedly carrying out a purge of the snail, many searching and killing individual snails that they can find.

“We will try our best to get rid of the giant form causing disaster to our gardens and food crops.

Some giant snails have been burnt by the villagers

“We call on the ministry of Agriculture to provide informations and create possible ways to get rid this giant snail from our community.”

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