Front liners who breached protocol in quarantine: PM

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TWO frontliners who breached prevention and control measures while on duty in Honiara are serving their mandatory quarantine period, says Prime Minister Manasseh Sogavare.

Sogavare said these two join 18 other people including six new arrivals from New Zealand on last Friday’s flight from Brisbane and one person who illegally crossed the border from Bougainville in serving their quarantine periods.

“The illegally border crosser is quarantine for 21 days, the person has returned two negative tests for covid-19 so far, two more tests remain and of they are both negative he can be released from quarantine. The issue to do with his illegal crossing will be dealt with after he is released from quarantine.

“I renew my call to all people doing front line duties whether you work for government or of outside government please ensure you comply with all infection prevention and control measures when discharging your duties.

“You constitute our last line foe defence, the security and safety of our nation from covid-19 is in your hands. Protect yourself to protect our nation.

“To date you not be complacent as seen in many countries it takes one lapse in our duties to bring about unprecedented outbreaks of covid-19.

“To communities along the Western Border thank you for your continuous support to authorities to ensure we maintain our covid-19 free statues in the country.

“Your continuous vigilant and support. Not only protect our Western Border, it protects our country especially those that cannot be vaccinated as well as our children under 18 years of age,” Sogavare said.