Free medicine to kava farmers on Malaita

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KAVA farmers in Aisiko and surrounding communities on Central Kwara’ae have received free medicine supplies last week in Auki.

The support was provided by Dr Wale Tobata on behalf of the Solomon Organic Kava (SOK) group in Auki to kava farmers.

President of the Malaita Provincial Youth Council, Philip Subu who also played a major role in kava development in the province, said the supply was part of SOK’s social support to kava farmers.

He said the initial plan was to support kava farmers in the province, but to begin with, it started with a few communities in the central kwara’ae constituency.

Subu said the support is to ensure farmers get medicines when needed and to stay healthy to drive the kava development in the province.

He said the support was provided to Aisiko and nearby communities of Aitolo, Ngalingaki, Namosalade and other catchment areas.

Subu said health workers, especially nurses in the area will look after the supply and make prescription to farmers during medication or when needed.

He said as one of the kava advocators in the province, he thanked SOK group for the support towards kava development in the province.

Subu said SOK is a local group established in Auki to advocate and support development of the kava sector on Malaita province.