Church leaders told to show unity ahead of election

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A member of the South Seas Evangelical Church (SSEC) in Sikitae, Auki has called on SSEC leaders to put aside personal greed ahead of the upcoming election of the church’s new bishop.

The church member who wishes to remain anonymous made the call following experiences in the past in electing leaders to lead the church.

He said the election is expected for this week and SSEC members must pray for the election of a leader who is after God’s own heart and will.

The church member said it is obvious some leaders are working behind the scene to direct those under their regions and associations to cast their votes for candidates they prefer to become the next leader of the church.

“These people have their own agendas and motives to gain power to use the name of the church for their personal gain.

“All church leaders must be vigilant as they will be coming into the camp to devour and deceive you from voting the person that God has predestined to be the next leader of the SSEC,” he said.

The church member said SSEC is going down a road where the church has never experienced before and most of the church’s infrastructures are running down.

He said the SSEC educational institutions are deteriorating and even the spiritual life of the church is also growing cold because of the absence or lack of vision for the spiritual awakening of the church.

“We need a leader who will embrace the church with love and unity and not a leader that fragments the body of Jesus Christ by their self-indulgence and wrong ambition.

“We do not want unethical practices in the church,” the church member said.

He said a classic example happened in one of the regions in the SSEC where the regional office first appointed and formed its regional executive before electing the regional superintendent.

“In other words, the successor was preselected by his predecessor and all his cronies before the actual voting took place,” he alleged.

He said according to church procedure the regional superintendent is the first person to be elected, before he/she appoints his executive.

The member stressed that the church is not an avenue to play political games, but a place people can seek God’s guidance and wisdom to lead the church.