Former POB officer’s case moved to May 6


The case of former Pan Oceania Bank (POB) officer Shuyee Eli Yan was further suspended to Monday next week for parties to finalise the issue of the amount the accused stole.

On Wednesday’s hearing prosecution told court it had submitted revised charge sheets to defence, and is waiting for defence to update crown and court on its position.

Defence however told court it needed more time to go through the revised sheet thoroughly.

Defence also said the amount in the charge sheet appear to be different to the amount with which the defendant had pleaded guilty to.

Court adjourned the matter to May 6 for the final charges and facts and submissions to be made.

Yan plead guilty in a previous hearing to 16 counts, four forgery charges and 12 larceny by servant charges.

Yan was charged with the following offencee between 28 June 2021 and 26 August 2022, when she worked as one of the Bank Officers for the Pan Oceanic Bank (POB).

The prosecution alleged defendant stole a large amount of money between 28 June 2021 and 26 August 2022 from Saibuloa Landowners Association’s account by transferring through interest banking to the account of other POB customers or users.

The allegations state that those customers would then withdraw the money from their account and give the money to the accused Yan.

The prosecution further alleged she received a total of $350,500 after giving commissions to the customers that she used to transfer money to their account and they will withdraw the money for her (accused).

The prosecution also alleged Yan forged a document namely Application to Release Dormant Account Status of the Dangi Tughu account that contains the forged signatures of the three signatories of the Dangi Tughu account.

Yan also accused of forging a letter titled Authorization to Transferring of Funds from Dangi Tughu account to Saibuloa Landowners Association account that contains forged signatories of Dangi Tughu account.

She was further accused of forging a POB withdrawal slip with the sum, of $ 25,000 under the Dangi Tughu account that contains forged signatures of the two signatories of the Dangi Tughu account.

Vernon Taupongi of Office of Director of Public Prosecution appears for Crown and Delilah Kukura of Public Solicitor Office appears for the accused.

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