Former MPA urges Guale candidates on TRC report, state govt system


A former member of the Guadalcanal Provincial Assembly has urged Guadalcanal candidates to prioritise the Federal Constitution 2018 and the Truth and Reconciliation Commission (TRC) report if they come into power.

Silas Lauvisu who was the provincial member for Wanderer Bay, Ward 5, West Guadalcanal 1998-2001 emphasised that it is time for a state government system.  

“We need the state government system so that Guadalcanal can look after our own and the other provinces also look after their own affairs,” he said.

A staunch supporter of the state government system, he believes that the provincial government system in place since independence has not brought about significant changes for people of Guadalcanal and other provinces.

The draft Federal Constitution was initially handed over to the Government in 2019 after 10 years of consultation throughout the country and aims to change the British’s unitary system to a Republic system.

Lauvisu also highlighted the importance of the TRC report and said this needs to be settled swiftly as it is a long-standing issue for those affected during the ethnic tension.

As political parties and independent candidates are in full swing with their campaigns, Lauvisu warned Guadalcanal voters to thinking critically.

“I call on the voters to be serious in making decision and should cast their votes for candidates who have demonstrated the vision to deal with the TRC report and Federal Constitution,” he said.

Lauvisu added, “If we vote in wrong people, these will be delayed and not be implemented in time.”

Apart from wanting to see more done for the Federal Constitution and the recommendations of the TRC, he acknowledged the efforts put forward by the previous government.

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