Food outlets in Honiara soon to be monitored


Participants attending the inception workshop on Tuesday

FOOD outlets in the city are expected to be strictly monitored to ensure they adhere to the ISO 17025 accreditation when it comes to be enforced in two years’ time.

Director of the National Public Health Laboratory (NPHL), Dickson Manongi told islandsun in an interview that as long as the biological food testing project completes, they will liaise with HCC for that matter.

He said currently people are complaining about the safety and hygiene status of many food outlets in Honiara.

Mr Manongi said within two years’ time that will change. He said they will work with food outlets to ensure they perform to the international ISO 17025 accreditation.

He said the exercise is to take samples from their food outlets and test them on whether they meet the required international standard.

Mr Manongi said it’s upon this test that they will know whether the food outlet is to be given or stamped with ISO 17025 or not, and that depends on the test findings.

He said if the food outlets are stamped with ISO 17025 accreditation it means they are certified and their food staff meets the international food safety and hygiene standard.

“Saying for those who might have failed to meet the accreditation, whether they might be closed or given the opportunity to perform to the standard.

Mr Manongi pointed out that the programme will not necessarily be for imported and exported food items only, but also for locally made food thats sold in the country.

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