Fisheries division need to strengthen its revenue collection: Ramrakha

    Provincial Member for Nusa Roviana and ward 16, Ramrakha Talasasa
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    MPA for Dunde Nusa Roviana ward 16, Honorable Ramrakha Aquila Junior Talasasa is persuading the Western Provincial government Fisheries division to strengthen its revenue collection in Western Province.

    Talasasa said the Fisheries Division, which is supposed to be exhaustive in its operation, has only produced less than 20 per cent of output in the last g month.

    He said that given the fact that majority of the peoples lively hood depends on resources from the sea.

    “One would expect a more practical commitment in terms of fisheries programs let alone the fact that 56 per cent of the projected revenue has already been collected.”

    “But there is still a lot of potential to increase our revenue collection in this division,” he added.

    “This are to improve and ensure our services reach the growing rural population,” said Talasasa.