Discussion to improve education system underway

    Group photo of the participants attending the MEHRD Joint Annual Review 2018 held at Mendana
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    THE Ministry of Education and Human Resource Development (MEHRD) has met to discuss ways to improve the country’s education at all levels.

    The joint review meeting provides an opportunity for MEHRD and key education stakeholders to share and discuss issues, progress and achievements.

    Permanent Secretary for MEHRD Dr. Franco Rodie said Education is a matter which Solomon Islands’ aspire to develop.

    He said the country’s education system comprises of early childhood, primary, junior and senior secondary and tertiary education.

    “To strengthen the country’s educational system, the nation and people responsible need to build their strengths and work collaboratively to rethinking the education direction 2018—2030”, Rodie says.

    He said MEHRD recognizes that the primary strength lies in the people working with MEHRD.

    “And together we can build our education system and secure the future of our young people,” Rodie said.

    Meanwhile MEHRD’s Deputy Secretary Mr James Bosamata said, MEHRD’s a five year strategy starting from 2016—2020 known as NEAP is half way towards completion.

    Bosamata said such forum is important to discuss ways for reviewing the NEAP since it is coming to an end.

    “Currently, the NEAP needs to be review since it is now halfway and the two days’ workshop will help to develop another five-year strategy,” he said.

    The meeting is an annual one for MEHRD.

    The two-day seminar includes presenting key findings to all stakeholders on progress and challenges in the implementation of education system and delivery of education services.

    The theme for two-day’s meeting is: “Our Quest to Deliver Improve Education Services in Solomon Islands.”