First test lane will come into operation soon


THE Ministry of Infrastructure Development first Test lane site to provide professional vehicle inspection will soon come into operation in Honiara.

The test lane is set to offer customers a professional vehicle inspection with innovative technology from Maha Company.

The test lane consists of a side-slip tester, a suspension and roller brake tester as well as an automatic tread depth gauge will be soon introduce for safety and security reason of vehicles.

MID Permanent Secretary (PS) Stephen Maesiola in an inclusive interview with this paper said that work on the test lane is currently underway to begin the  installation of the test lane.

He said to make way for the installation of the test lane they have demolished the old building at the MID workshop area.

“We will request Maha company to install the first test lane and work has now begins.”

“I am happy to announce to the general public that MID is looking at security and safety purposes to quickly install test lane in the country,”

“If this test lane comes into effect I believe most vehicles will be monitor,” said Maesiola. 

He said MID would like to improve and make sure all vehicles must reach the standard and MID officers will soon work on this to improve compare with the manual test MID did at the moment. 

Maesiola urged the public to cooperate with MID officers when carrying out the test lane process.

He said that at the moment they are doing manual test but as soon as this test lane install they will see changes to improve other areas compared with manual test.

PS said the test lane fee will cost $130 and MIS is working on it to lease with Ministry of Finance as part of its revenue collection.

Maesiola compares test lane with other country that Solomon Islands is the lowest country with no proper test lane installed therefore, we need to increase all test lane in the country.

He said that work on the test lane to the provinces is still on progress to secure land and installed test lane there.

The test lanes from MAHA are the ideal aid for objectively assessing the safety and wear condition of vehicles.

MAHA Maschinenbau Haldenwang GmbH & Co. KG is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of workshop and vehicle inspection equipment.

As a company with an international outlook, MAHA operates two production sites in Germany and the USA and a global sales and service network in over 150 countries.

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