Financial fraud warning for Auki residents

THE Solomon Islands Financial Intelligence Unit (SIFIU) is calling on the general public to immediately stop joining a false financial scheme called Eagle Advertising Resources Network (EARN) currently based in Auki, Malaita province.

This warning comes after concerns from members of the public about the group EARN reached SIFIU office in Honiara, calling for an immediate investigation.

According to SIFIU, the group EARN has a large number of followers located in and around Auki township, with many already investing personal funds of well over $1,000 – $4,000 (ie membership fees).

The investments made are mainly to receive huge promised payouts or bonus payment fees of around $80,000 per member.

SIFIU Director Mr Jimmy Sendersley expressed great concerns about how easy people continue to fall prey to international scammers and to the few local individuals pushing these activities.

“We have learnt that some promised payments to EARN members have already lapsed their dates; these are all just false promises.

“Once again our people are becoming victims to such money scams and I must remind everyone to stop investing your hard earned personal savings and money into any of these types of get-rich quick schemes.

“Anything of this nature that sounds too good to be true, especially on receiving huge financial rewards for very little investments must be carefully considered before your money is thrown away.”

Sendersley highlighted that according to their investigations, Eagle Advertising Resources Network (EARN) in Auki is simply another false financial scheme.

He added that people in Malaita Province and other parts of the country must be careful and their warning is serious. SIFIU was able to identify clear red flags indicating EARN as generally operating as a Ponzi scheme and is part of an international fraud programme that has made slight changes to its modus operandi (ways to convince people to become members).

“If you want more information or advice please do not hesitate to call our unit on 21791,” Sendersley advised.

“We must continue to assist each other and share these information and advice, and further help stop such pyramid and Ponzi schemes from abroad, coming into the country to rip off our good people from their hard earned money.”


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