Auki alerted on expired goods



MALAITA provincial health authority has been called on to check for expired goods in shops in Auki town.

The appeal comes following a number of expired items (goods) found in the shops which are on the shelves – on sale.

A resident in Auki told this paper yesterday that there are lots of shops in Auki selling expired goods.

He said it is a common issue with most shops and if nothing happens to stop it the practice will continue.

“What I want to say here is this attitude only tells the shops never care about the quality of the goods they sell for their customers.

“What evidently seen here is money, and that’s the motive behind their continue sell of expire goods in the shops.

“So I think it’s time for provincial health authority or whoever responsible to do what they can to stop the practice,” the person said.

He urged the authority to check the shops and run a schedule to do regular checks on the shops.

The person said it’s through ideas of setting-up regular checks that will ensure shops will be free from expired goods.

He said people deserve quality food service and the goods sold in the shops must guarantee their health.

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