Fiji cargo flights concerns public

The Fiji airways cargo flight into Honiara yesterday.
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Public are raising serious concerns about the frequent Fiji Airways cargo flight every Thursday.

Yesterday a photograph of a Fiji Airways cargo flight at Henderson International Airport posted on a popular local Facebook Forum ‘Yumi Toktok Forum’ prompted hundreds of reaction and comments from locals who took to the platform to warn the Government of allowing flights from high risk covid-19 countries such as Fiji.

Yumi Toktok Forum’s Benjamin Afuga who posted, said: “We all know Fiji’s COVID-19 situation has gone out of control, therefore the decision to allow Fiji Airways flying over to the country is very worrying.”

Another commentator said the Solomon Islands Government must not be complacent in dealing with covid-19.

 “You must not put your guard down, be alert at all times, learn from PNG and Fiji examples. God keep Solomon Islands safe,” he commented.

Another said the virus entered Fiji through luggage of the Indian couples that came from India and then a frontline worker carelessly handled that luggage and got infected.

“The government should be taking measures. We don’t know the situation of incoming cargo flights, such as from Fiji should be stopped,” said another.

“Very true concerns, why allow the Fiji airline to land while Fiji is now out of control of Covid-19,” one commentator adds.

A staff at the Solomon Airline’s Airport Operations International Terminal Office when called, said the Fiji Airways flight that landed yesterday is a normal cargo flight that normally bring cargo into the country every Thursdays.

“The flights carry no passengers, only cargoes, most of the cargoes are for the government and as well as medical supplies. We have standard operation procedures to follow during these flights,” the International Terminal worker said.