Fake vax card users stopped in Malaita

The ministry of Health says it will crackdown on fake vaccination cards
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Malaita health authorities have intercepted people using counterfeit covid-19 vaccination cards.

These people have reportedly been using the fake cards to travel freely between the province and Honiara.

Chairman of Malaita’s EOC, Dr Rex Maukera, says this is a threat the covid-19 operations in the province.

“Recently, we had found people using fake vaccination cards to bypass travel restrictions imposed on shipping service between Honiara and Auki.

“We found that with passengers coming from both ends after suspicions raised on the cards and later proved when checked details on the cards against our vaccination data.

“That however has stepped up our surveillance to thoroughly check passengers coming and going out from Auki to avoid such incident,” he said.

Maukera said this behaviour of using fake vax cards is undermining all the hard work, time and money spent on preparing the Malaita populace to fight and stay safe against covid-19.

He warns that this behaviour could lead to new covid-19 waves in the country if authorities do not clamp down the illegal activity.

Maukera adds that they will continue to carry out checks for cards and swab tests on passengers at Auki wharf.

He adds that Malaita Health and police are working together to quell the use of fake vax cards.