Fake vaccination cards discovered


AN investigation is being launched after fake vaccination cards were reportedly discovered.

This as the country continues to face a slow vaccination rate.

Secretary to the Prime Minister Dr Jimmie Rodgers confirmed this yesterday at a radio talk back show on the Solomon Islands Broadcasting Corporation.

“It has come to our notice there are vaccination cards that have been faked we are investigating the cards that have been sold to  people and people are actually writing names and putting dates on those cards  and they are fake cards,” Rodgers said.

He said “it is very important that when you have cards it must be a genuine card therefore”.

Rodgers uttered they are now working closely with the Ministry Foreign Affairs and External Trade to ensure the upcoming flight that will leave for New Zealand on this Wednesday night carrying 150 RSE workers on labour mobility must have authentic vaccination card.

“So, with MFAET we have requested to them that we will be checking 150 cards belong to 150 travellers to ensure they are authentic. Only those that hold authentic cards will be allowed to board the flight”.

“Those that have photocopy card will be disqualified to board the flight,” he said.

Rodgers said a call will be made to the 150 people within the next 24 hours for them to bring in their cards to be validated because if any fake card is picked out the whole future of the labour mobility programme to New Zealand might actually be endangered.

“We cannot risk that thing. So the message to anyone that might be holding a fake card please know that is wrong and that is illegal and if get caught you will be prosecuted and whoever supply the fake cards will also be prosecuted,” he said.

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