$60M needed for 2023 games sewage facilities

Solomon Water’s General Manager Mr Ian Gooden
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SOLOMON Water needs about $60 million to provide sewages for key games facilities for the Pacific Games in 2023.

Chief Executive Officer, Ian Gooden revealed this during the 2021 Infrastructure Symposium at FFA recently.

Gooden said there are about 10 facilities that will require water and waste water servicing.

He said one is the accommodations and SIFF facility and the National Sports council ground.

“We need funding in the next 12 months,” he added.

Furthermore, Gooden said one of the impacts is the Kukum Highway project.

“We need sewage that will go under the road and from the Ministry of Fishery to Ranadi that is 1.4 kilometers of sewage that needs to be laid under the lane.

“That has not been taken into account and not funded. We are trying to work through that,” he said.

Gooden said they have a large sewage project for Ranadi that worth around $15 million US dollar and that includes deep sea ocean floor.

“Unfortunately, we are not funded for that, the project has been broken into four parts and would cost 20 percent to 35 percent more because we are forced to build in four different parts.

“The plan B is we continue to put raw sewage into the environment and vicinity of the SIFF and National Sports Council ground. That is not accepted to us and take us back to safe water and provisions,” he added.

In addition, Gooden said within their 30 years plan, they intended to build a new water treatment plan at Lunga worth around $50 million.

He said it is not funded and hasn’t started yet.

“We have done all the feasibility work,” he said.