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TUESDAY 5th June marks World Environment Day and everywhere around the world, people were also celebrating this important event.

In Honiara a gathering was held at a community outside of the city, the first of its kind.

Another event to commemorate the World Environment Day will also be held in Isabel province where awareness will be carried out to the people in Buala during the Kodili festival.

But why are we so concerned in holding such events to mark such days?

In 2011 it was found that 2000 tonnes of waste has ended up on our shores in the city.

Each year more than eight million tonnes of plastics ends up in the ocean.

That’s similar to emptying a garbage truck of plastic into an ocean every minute.

60 to 90 percent of rubbish in the sea are plastics.

Almost everyone uses plastic and not many knows that these plastic bags causes air, water and land pollution.

Every day we drink soft drinks or coconut with a straw, bottle water, carry our goods with a plastic bag, ate snacks or biscuits wrapped or packaged in plastic.

Do we ever take the time to think where our plastic will go once we dispose of it?

The straw that we threw on the road thinking that it is too small and will not cause any harm or the coconut that we threw out of the vehicle wrapped in plastic bag, or the empty plastic of the gold nuggets that we dropped from our hand on to the ground, they all contribute to the amount of plastic waste that we produce.

2000 tonnes waste of plastic a year is huge.

We complain of our drains overflowing with water during rainy season and of our sea front being full of garbage without realizing that we are the garbage.

So as the world marks environment day, let us not wait for June 5 only to mark environment day. Environment day is every day and not just on Saturday’s only too.

Environment day starts from the day we wake up in the morning till night when we go to sleep.

Let us try to be responsible for our garbage and also educate our young ones the good habit of correct disposal.

Only by changing our attitude will we be able to look after our environment properly.

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