3 projects in West carried forward


MPA for ward 8 Bilua South Vella la Vella Island Carlos Kesiana presenting the report to the final full assembly sitting on Thursday.

MOST of the projects in Western province approved in 2016/2017 financial year have been carried forward.

Provincial Minister for Planning & Project Coordination and MPA for ward 8, Carlos Kesiana during the sine die on Thursday last week said that three projects have been carried forward few times in the province.

Kesiana said that these projects are Varese Community High School (VCHS) Classroom, Bunikalo Fishery center and Ughele Clinic Rehabilitation.

He said the two contractors I & R Structural Engineering and Zome Enterprises who were awarded the contract for Ughele Clinic and Bunikalo Fishery Centre are based in Honiara.

“They do not have a permanent office in the province and this made communication between the employer and employee difficult.

“On the other hand the contractor who won the contract for Varese CHS Classroom Sea Breeze Building Construction is base in the province however, daily communication is still tough,” said Kesiana.

He said five projects could not go through the procurement process by March 31, 2019 because technical information such as designs, BOQs, Scope of woks and speculation and assessment repots from works were not available.

Kesiana added that these projects are Beulah PSS girl’s dormitory rehabilitation, Boro cocoa shed, Gizo Fishery center, Noro fish market and sanitation and Seghe staff house rehabilitation phase 2.

He said that most projects specifically 19 of them went through the procurement process towards the end of the financial year as a result contracts were signed between the contractor and provincial government in January, February and March 2016 respectively.

Kesiana said the projects which could not be implemented in 2015/2016 were carried forward to the 2016/2017 fiscal year.

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