Establishing ministry of rural development is questionable

DEAR EDITOR, the Ministry of Rural Development is one of the controversial ministry that raised huge public criticism due to its duplications of functions, enhancement of environment for conflict of interest that mounted to corruption in leadership with its higher yearly funded budget from national government and ROC while the other productive line government ministries experience budget cut that badly affect basic services delivery in the nation.

The huge funds made available for most projects under MRD is implemented under the discretions of the politicians – the 50 MPs.

While the nation suffered a lot from important deteriorated basic services such as the poor state of road experienced nationwide due to lack of fund with MID and the growing issues of high rate of unemployment and urban migration since the poor existing of socio economic infrastructures in rural areas raise a huge question by the public about the sole purpose of establishing the MRD.

Where is the huge funds channel through MRD ended up since the establishment of MRD almost 10 years ago?

The functions of MRD need to be scrutinised for the good of the nation.

If the 50 legislators are making the right decision for this nation the establishment of such a policy as ministry of rural development MRD is a very bad strategy as it only creating corruption within the national governance and legislative, the highest body of the land.

The truth about the establishment of MRD is questionable for the following reasons:

The MRD is only duplicating the functions of other line government productive ministries when it comes to service delivery and rural development.

The establishment of MRD only create a huge cost in many ways to be footed by the poor tax payers of this nation.

The lack of financial mechanism and human expertise in MRD that necessarily important to uphold transparency and accountability key pillars of good governance and management is doubtful and waste of resources when planning and implementation of huge public funds within MRD.

How many MPs and CDOs nationwide have produced constituency development plan profiles that give road map for the proper usages of RCDF funds for socio economic development in our rural areas?

Almost all MPs fail desperately in this regard may be because of poor visionary mindset or educational background that engulf by lack of leadership qualities and self-interest mounted to corruptions.

The MRD is creating good ground for a conflict of interest mounted to corruption in the national leadership when the MPs both become financial controller and national legislators at the same time two total different fields of work. Even the Holy Bible has wisely warn us that love of money is the root of all evils.

Due to accessibility to huge funds and privileges most MPs are putting their priorities and interests on money matters more than what they have been elected for as the MP legislators of the nation. It badly affect the performance of the MPs indicated with high rate of absenteeism and very poor policy debating in the parliament meeting.

Where is the mouth of the nation to speak out loud against the uncontrolled flow of foreigners that reap and benefit a lot from our resources at the expenses of our local citizens in forestry, fishery, mining and so forth?

Due to lack of monitoring system with public funds within government most MPs are manipulating the governance system as establishing MRD to gain themselves financial strength to hold on to the political power by luring the huge uneducated population with public funds to win the next national election. What a corrupted attitude in leadership!

The nation need good policies that promote best working government that address the nation harmony and prosperity for the good all citizens.

Jacob Ofasia Savaleni

Talise Market

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