An appeal for the SI Red Cross special disability centre

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DEAR EDITOR, last week I wrote a letter in the form of an appeal in respect of work that was needed at the Red Cross Special Disability Centre at Riffle Range in the outer suburb of Honiara.

I explained in my letter that the centre was regularly flooded and the classrooms inundated with water and mud causing classes for the 74 special needs children to be suspended and, often, the children sent home without their important lessons.

The Secretary-General of the Red Cross Association has given me a quotation of the work needed to build a buffer wall that could put an end to the water intrusion into the centre’s premises.

The cost is estimated, from a first quotation, to be about SBD$118,000. (A$20,000)

That sum of money would be sufficient to acquire the necessary building materials, such as cement, reinforcing steel rods and plastic sheeting.

The actual construction of the wall would be done by volunteer labour the Red Cross Association would engage.

It is my earnest wish that the sum of $118,000 can be donated by all those concerned in the community about the ongoing situation at the centre and the plight of the young, special needs pupils that are deserving of a right to an education and a fitting premises in which to learn.

Any donations made to the Red Cross Association would need to be accepted and processed in accordance with the Red Cross Association’s laid down, standard procedures for the acceptance of public donations.

If you can help with donations, please get in touch with Mr Thomas Bebeu the Secretary General of the Solomon Islands Red Cross Association on telephone number +677 25299 or send him an email to [email protected]

Thank you and please do help.

Yours sincerely

Frank Short