ESP list going around ‘not true’


LIST of Economic Stimulus Package (ESP) project applications circulating since last week amongst the public is ‘not a true one’.

Ministry of Finance and Treasury (MoFT) Permanent Secretary (PS) McKinnie Dentana and Chairman of the ESP Committee said probably there were some leakage earlier coming out from their ministry or from the Prime Minister’s Office but the list going around is not true.

In response to question during yesterday’s ‘Covid-19 Talk-Back Show’ on whether a list going around of over 16 project applications is the final list of payments or will it be further assessed and reduced, the PS explains that the appropriate information will be made in the proper channel which is to be on the proper website.

Mr Dentana in confirmation said he has not seen ‘what list’ is actually going around but he has heard there are a lot of lists circulating.

“I have not seen what list is actually going around but I have heard there are a lot of lists going around,” said Dentana.

“First of all I will say probably there was some leakage coming out from the Ministry of Finance or from the Prime Minister’s Office, but I just want to explain here that the list going around is not a true one. That is the first point and the second point is all appropriate information as we have said in the previous Talk-Back Show will be made in the proper channel.

“Proper channel that can access to everyone, every day, every night, in years, the information will be available on the proper website.”

Since last week, Dentana said they are continuing this week over the ESP letter of offer and contract to be issued to those who are recipients, probably to reach next week as well.

“We have completed all process on most of the activity on the stimulus package so since last week, and this week, ‘and probably next week’, letter of offer, contract and also payment will start to be released.”

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