Suidani eyes water business

Premier of Malaita province Daniel Suidani
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MARA government is hoping to get water business with responsible stakeholders for its long term plan for the development of Auki and other parts of the province.

The plan is Auki Greater Master Plan and MARA government sees it important that the 30 years plan to have water as a vital component that encompasses processes and policy plat-forms to develop the province.

Premier Daniel Suidani made the statements during the launching of Auki Water Supply Up-grade Project in Auki last week.

Suidani said looking ahead, MARA government is working at finishing Auki Greater Master Plan. Thus, water accessibility is an important aspect of the proposed planned developments.

He said the plan is a “Mala 2050” visioning process and policy platform which will arrive at an idea of Mala in 2050 and what we should be planning for.

Saying the document focuses on planning for a greater Auki over that time period based on the following assumption;

“Firstly, Auki is assumed to encompass road or sea accessible areas of the following wards, 1-3 and wards 27-30, extending from Gwaunaru/Buma in the north and Su’u in the south.

“This area is define roughly by extend of existing road network, planned intended projects and availability of tracts of registered lands,” Suidani said.

He said as part of the plan, MPG sees the following as initial anchor projects for 2020-2025.

“The number of projects envisages and is currently being pursued by the province and is at var-ious stages of preparation.

“These are important elements going forward in planning the overall development of the greater Auki area.

“These developments include Bina tuna processing plant and port as well as southern Langa Langa water supply scheme.

“Kilu’ufi hospital and health services precinct stage one, Auki seafront performance area, cruise visitor zone and craft market.

“Mawa timber processing and provincial forestry nursery zone, Queen Elizabeth Girl’s National High School and residential, business and industrial area demarcation,” he said.

On that note, Suidani said Bina tuna processing plant project is an investment requires proper water supply and the province under the MOU signed with MFMR has been working closely with the ministry on the area.