ESP evaluation to start this month

The Government’s Economic Stimulus Package implementation has reached its monitoring and evaluation stages this month.

This is to assess the implementation and impact of the ESP to the national economy and the livelihoods of the people.

National evaluation specialists will spearhead the different components of the evaluation alongside an international specialist who will be jointly engaged by the Asia Development Bank (ADB).

The evaluation will be done in three stages.

The first stage will involve the designing of a randomised survey, key interview questionnaires for various targeted subjects. This stage is expected to complete in May, 2021.

The second stage of the evaluation involves conducting the actual evaluation.  It is expected that this stage will cover from June to July, 2021.

The third stage will involve working closely with the evaluation specialists and the monitoring and evaluation team to code and compile the data. This stage will flow through to September, 2021, when a report is expected to be delivered to the Government.

Following compilation of data, a report will be made to the Government.

The Proposed timeline for the monitoring and evaluation period should be from May to mid-September 2021. In partnership with the Government and the ADB, the Committee expected to engage 10 youths to support the two specialists to undertake the task. The Government through the ESP Committee is fully committed to the accountable implementation of the ESP in the interest of wellbeing of the people, national stability and economic empowerment

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