Elderly men urged to seek medical advice on prostate cancer signs


ELDERLY men have been encouraged to seek medical advice if faced with difficulties when passing urine or see blood in urine.

Chief Executive Officer of the National Referral Hospital Dr George Malefoasi says, “With prostate cancer, elderly men encouraged to seek advice if difficulties with passing urine or see blood in the urine is experienced.”

He said clinics, the National Referral hospital and private practitioners are currently offering service for prostate cancer screening.

“Through clinical examination like rectal examination suspected cases of blood test can be sent overseas to confirm if the person has prostate cancer.”

Malefoasi said some of the prostate cancer pre-warning signs are aging/hesitancy – trouble urinating/ blood.

“Prostate cancer warning signs, may not be easy to detect early, but patients should present early and if have family history should be vigilant. Affects mostly ages more than 50 years old.”

He said for individual contracting prostate cancer it can be confirmed through rectal examination, blood test – PSA and Med imaging – CT scan.

Malefoasi treatment available in the country are surgical and chemotherapy.

“Radiotherapy is not-available.”

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