Eighteen-year-old denies stealing gold chain necklace


A girl, 18, accused of stealing a gold-chain and JBL blutooth speaker on an unknown date in September this year has pleaded not guilty to the charge of larceny yesterday.

This is the case of Nicola Taru of Santa Anna Makira Ulawa Province and she is charged with one count of larceny in dwelling house.

When appeared in court yesterday before Principal Magistrate Felix Hollision, Ms Taru deny the charge and a pre-trial conference is set to be conducted on her case.

The case will come back to court today for the PTC to be conducted.

The allegation against the accused said that on an unknown date between 1st of September 2021 to 30th September 2021, the defendant Taru went into the complaint room at King Solomon Girl’s hostel in Honiara and took away 1x JBL blutooth speaker and 1 x gold chain necklace.

Police said at that time the complainant was away from her room and went to her sister at Tandai in west Honiara, on her return from her sister’s residence she went back to her room at King Solomon Girl’s hostel and found that her JBL blutooth speaker and her gold chain necklace was missing from the room.

Later on, in September 2021, the complainant went back to her sister’s house at Tandai and she saw her gold chain was on the accused’s neck.

It was at that time she told her daughter to ask the accused where she got the gold chain from, the defendant said that a male person by the name of Junior bought it for her at one of the Chinese shops at Chinatown.

Police also said the complainant upon hearing that the chain was bought by Junior, asked Junior but Junior denied buying any chain for the accused.

The gold chain necklace cost at $500SBD and JBL blutooth speaker cost at $2000 SBD.

The complainant them reported the matter to the police and the accused was charged for simple larceny.

Police also alleged that there was some admission made during the record of interview by the accused.

Police Prosecutor Iete Tebakota prosecutes the case in court.

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