Failed Malaita motion to be probed: Seleso


The Ministry of Provincial Government and Institutional Strengthening will probe into the failed motion of no confidence and passage of a budget by Malaita Provincial Assembly recently.

This after the non-executive members could not table the motion of no confidence against Premier Suidani due to public protest in Auki.

As a result, the mover Elijah Asilaua has withdrawn the motion to avoid further national security issue.

In addition, the Malaita Province government has passed its budget without the security of the Public Accounts Committee after the members have resigned.

Minister Rollen Seleso told Parliament last week they will further probe into this and seek dialogues with the provincial government concerned and hopefully rectify the anomalies.

Seleso said despite Western and Choiseul province have new executives following their political impasse, he was saddened with the recent event had occurred at Auki in November 2021 in the name of peaceful protest that has hindered the Assembly meeting from convened.

“As a minister responsible, I am deeply concerned about this event unfold and may impact on the Provincial Government Act.

“And I will cordially bring this matter with the province concern so that the issue can be ironed out,” he said.

Furthermore, he is also concern about some revised budgets that have not gone through the right process.

“By this I mean not following the proper scrutiny of the provision required under the Provincial Public Accounts Committee and properly debated in the provincial Assembly.

“Such matter should be brought up to the attention of the Ministry before being tabled in the Assembly Chamber,” he added.

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