EDITORIAL- You can run, but you cannot hide

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POLICE are now going after a man they wanted to speak to in relation to the killing of a Chinese woman last week at her Point Cruz shop in Honiara.

The man is reportedly evading police and is believed to on the run in the Kwaio region of Malaita.

Police have spoken to the man on the day of the killing.

But when they returned to speak to him again, he could not be located.

Later, police were made aware the man left Honiara and is now in Malaita.

Malaita’s Provincial Police Commander Stanley Riolo told the Island Sun they knew the man’s identity and have deployed officers to bring him in.

However, he said a team of officers dispatched to the man’s village last Sunday could not locate him.

That’s because he left his village and is in the hiding.

This person may be in the jungles of Kwaio and is not reading this editorial.

But he needs to know this.

No one ever escapes the long arms of justice.

You can escape and hide from the police in the mountains. But you cannot hide forever.

Justice will stretch out its long arms in search for you.

No matter how long you may try to hide in the push, justice will come looking for you.

Malaitan murder convict Edmond Sae once tried to hide from justice.

He led the life of a nomad in the hills of Malaita, becoming a fugitive as he tried to keep away from the police.

But one night, justice caught up with him while he was sleeping in a relative’s house.

Long story short, he is now serving life at Rove Correctional Centre.

If they have a chance meeting, relatives of the man wanted for this latest killing must advise him to surrender and face justice.

We have a functioning justice system that will ensure he is given a fair trial.

Communities in Malaita must help the police to locate this man.

He must not be welcomed in any community.

That’s the least Malaitans can do to ensure this case is resolved once and for all.