EDITORIAL -Good to see donors visiting provinces

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GREAT to see our development partners visiting the provinces and talking face-to-face with the premiers.

In recent months and weeks, we’ve seen donor reps visiting provinces they’ve never visited before.

This week for instance, Australia, New Zealand and China representatives are in Gizo, Western Province to meet provincial leaders there.

Call it geopolitical rivalry or what, any visits to our provinces by development partner reps are always welcomed.

For it allows donors, not only to see the reality on the ground, but also to meet provincial leaders and the people face to face.

More often than not, rural development projects were shoved down people’s throat with little or no prior consultation.

This often results in project failures or lack of support from the province and community.

Regular visits to the provinces allow donors to sit down with the people, hear their views and concerns and respond accordingly.

Projects should be funded according to the needs of the people and province.

This is to ensure donor funds are maximised and put to the best use.