EDITORIAL- Another CBSI warning is here

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CENTRAL Bank of Solomon Islands (CBSI) yesterday issued a warning about a fake,

new currency that is being promoted locally.

This so-called currency has been referred to us Sol York.

There’s not much information about the currency.

But what CBSI can say is this:

“CBSI advises that there is no such currency in existence in the Solomon Islands save the Solomon Islands Dollar.

“CBSI categorically denies any involvement or participation in the new currency scheme and strongly advises the general public, including the promoters, to refrain from spreading false information and rumors about the new currency scheme.

The only legal currency of Solomon Islands is the Solomon Islands Dollar (SBD) and CBSI has the sole authority by law, to issue currency which shall be legal tender in Solomon Islands as specified under the CBSI Act 2012.

“Any agency, corporate body or individual that attempts to produce, or issue currency apart from the Solomon Islands Dollar (SBD) is committing an offence under the CBSI Act 2012.

“It is advisable that any person who has fallen victim or has reliable information about the scheme, to come forward to report and launch a formal complaint with the Police, for investigation and prosecution.”

This is not the first time CBSI has issued warnings such as this.

It did previously on the various pyramid schemes that were introduced in the country. The most recent scheme to have robbed many people of their hard-earned cash before its collapse was One Link.

Warnings are the same.

Never get involved because promoters of such schemes were basically coming after your money.

Many people listened. Many others did not.

Today, those who refused to listen lived to regret their decision.

Now, someone has come up with a fake currency.

We don’t know much about this fake currency at this stage, and what it entails.

But it may be another scheme devised to rob people of their money.

The message is simple: keep away from it.

Don’t make the same mistake again of depositing your hard-earned cash if promoters of the fake currency come knocking on your door.