EDITORIAL- A new city in the making

THE Mamara New City project west of Honiara will be officially unveiled this morning.

Prime Minister Manasseh Sogavare will be the guest of honour at the ground-breaking ceremony.

Details of the project and what it entails will be outlined at the event.

But in a nutshell, we are talking about a new city here.

Called the Mamara Spring Villas project, this new development will be undertaken by a company called Metropolis Mamara Development Ltd.

This is a foreign company comprised of a number of investors across Asia.

Metropolis says it will build residential houses, shops, warehouses, school, sport facilities and tourism facilities.

Already, 15 houses have been constructed to date and are 80% complete. The company intends to build more than 1,000 houses before 2023.

And it promises to employ up to 800 locals – both skilled and unskilled.

Under the Mamara-Tasivarongo-Mavo Development Agreement Act 1997, the company Metropolis has been allocated approximately 100 hectares of alienated land, more than enough to cater for its proposed city.

This development will be overseen by a Council established under the Act.

This is a huge project that is much needed at this time to create job opportunities and generate income for the country.

But while it is a welcomed development, the Government must ensure the developer operates according to our laws and within the ambit of the Mamara-Tasivarongo-Mavo Development Agreement Act 1997.

This is important to ensure it brings benefits to our people and country.

Furthermore, while the development will take place on alienated land, surrounding landowning groups must be kept informed of every stage of the process.

In fact, a mass awareness should be carried out within the surrounding communities ahead of the construction stage.

This is vital to avoid misunderstanding that may lead to hostility and lawlessness.

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